They say that hairdressing is one of the happiest professions you could undertake – so why would you want to risk ruining it by not having insurance for your saloon business? Alike every business, some mishaps can happen which could hinder your business – therefore, showing the importance of planning ahead. With this in mind, we have outlined, what we believe, are the top 3 reasons for getting the best possible insurance for your salon:

1. First and foremost – it highly advisable and important

We thought we would start with the most obvious reason – that it is important for your salon to have (at least) employers’ liability cover. This is to ensure that employers carry insurance against the personal injury of their employees; protecting both you and your team. Motor insurance is also a requirement if you are a mobile hairdresser using a vehicle to visit your clients. Although these are the only two requirements – we still recommend that you get full cover, to ensure protection with every possible mishap.

2. Don’t let Mother Nature ruin your Salon

We understand that it’s very unlikely that a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake are going to hit your beauty salon any time soon – but, there are still many natural disasters that could harm your business. These include floods ruining products and equipment or even accidental electrical fires burning your salon to the ground. It’s easy to tell yourself that “it will never happen to you” – but don’t put your life’s work at risk.

3. Do you trust ALL your clients?

Ask yourself – if you were to accidentally cause injury to one of your clients, or even simply botch up their hair: could you afford the claim against you without insurance? Just one little mistake or mix-up from you or your team could lead to you, not only losing the client but facing a hefty injury claim against you. When you have the correct insurance – you will have peace of mind and be able to concentrate on day-to-day operations without financial worry.

At entresure we are an end to end digital insurance brokerage firm that can help you get a tailor made package for your Saloon business. Head over to our Quote section page and request Quotation for your business.

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