Terms of Service for Entresure Pty Ltd

  1. Introduction and Acceptance of Terms

    • Overview of services provided by Entresure Pty Ltd.
    • Acknowledgement that users must agree to the ToS before using services.
  2. Definition of Key Terms

    • Definitions of ‘Insurer’, ‘Insured’, ‘Policyholder’, ‘Premium’, etc., as per South African insurance law​​.
  3. Types of Insurance Offered

    • Description of indemnity and non-indemnity insurance products, in line with South African law​​.
  4. Policy Creation and Parties Involved

    • Explanation of how insurance policies are created, detailing the roles of insured, insurer, and possible third-party beneficiaries​​.
  5. Premiums and Payments

    • Outline the obligation of the insured to pay premiums and conditions under which the contract becomes binding​​.
  6. Obligations and Rights of the Insured and Insurer

    • Detailed explanation of the obligations of both parties, including the payment of claims and maintenance of insurable interest​​.
  7. Claim Process and Settlement

    • Procedure for filing claims and how settlements are determined.
  8. Termination and Renewal of Policies

    • Terms under which policies may be renewed or terminated.
  9. Dispute Resolution and Governing Law

    • Mechanisms for resolving disputes, including arbitration, and the governing law.
  10. Amendments to Terms

    • Clause about how and when the terms can be amended.

Entresure (Pty) Ltd is a licensed Financial Services Provider | FSP 51464

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